As a private company headquartered in Quebec, Canada, we are a preferred global supplier of ultra pure aluminium derivatives, setting the benchmark for industry performance in terms of high purity, high reliability and low environmental footprint.

Our operations are based at two main sites: our Technical Development Centre at Laval near Montreal and our first full-scale production plant at Cap-Chat, Quebec.

Advanced Energy Minerals Inc. is an ISO 9001, ISO 45001, and ISO 14001 certified company.

The Technical Development Centre developed our patented CLCP production process  deployed at our Cap-Chat plant. It is pivotal to our development plans, not only for the role it will play in the ongoing development of the CLCP process, but also in innovating other industrial minerals technologies as we seek to grow an already substantial body of patented intellectual property.


Cap-Chat is a full-scale production plant that manufactures alumina and other aluminium derivatives with purities that range between 99.99% (4N) and 99.999% (5N) using the CLCP process.

The plant is powered entirely by hydroelectricity, thereby not only achieving excellent  environmental performance, but also insulating our customers from fossil fuel price volatility.