A truly diverse firm

We take strength from our diversity and our commitment to inclusion and teamwork. We have one culture and yet we come from different backgrounds, and that makes us stronger and proud, because we truly believe in diversity.

We believe diversity is the foundation for team work because a diverse team has  acceptance and inclusion in its DNA, and thus is very prone to listen to other opinions.  From Australia to Cap-Chat through Europe,  the individual is the most important resources we have. We believe in the importance of an inclusive and caring culture, and we welcome diversity of all kinds. Our hiring practices are based on a welcoming and barrier-free culture. “Our DE&I commitments are more than relevant because they reflect the inclusive values embedded in our our culture. For me, having diverse human capital is the key to successful innovation, development, and overall business growth.” says Erick Labrie, our HR director.

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AEM’s diversity quote by country of origin

We strive to create a safe and inspiring work environment and a culture of acting responsibly as we motivate our employees to achieve exceptional performance. We believe active commitment from our employees will ensure our long-term success.

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Our core values

Our core values are a set of interwoven principles and behaviours. We understand that our values become our behaviours only when applied in our day-to-day work, and we all do our part to advocate better working places and ethical business practices. “Our five core values help us realise our vision and purpose and are key to our distinct culture. We believe in accountability, inclusion, responsibility, entrepreneurialism, and teamwork, which underpin our success and the strong innovation drive that makes our company special”, says Mick Adams, our CEO.

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Are you determined to make things happen? Are you always excited to put plans into motion? 

We focus on hiring people with great attitude and motivation.

Contact our Chief Human Resources Officer Stephane Blanchette (rh@aemcanada.com) to discover more about working at AEM.