Our plant in Cap-Chat  deploys our CLCP technology, a technology that gives the plant a great degree of manufacturing flexibility in terms of product specifications, such as particle shape, size distribution and purity. We produce a great range of products which includes: alpha alumina, gamma alumina both marketed with the trade name SupALOX®, aluminium chlorides sold with the trade name SupACH® and pucks made of compressed alumina, marketed with the name SupPUCK®.

We currently have a portfolio with 50+ standard products for 11 application fields and we are happy to work with our customers to develop bespoke products that meet their most stringent specifications.

Product Applications

Here you find the list of the products we produce with a variety of physical properties. Talk to us if you can’t find the product you need

Aluminium Chloride Hydrates

Alumina Slurries for Multiple Applications

Our new Premium 2N and 3N products

for multiple applications