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We have developed a range of alumina products for ceramics that includes fine powders with a purities between 99.99% and 99.999%. Our process gives us a great level of flexibility in terms of particle size and distribution, which we can adapt to customer needs between 0.3 micron and 500 micron (D50).

Supalox H4011

Milled alumina, 4N,
D50 3 micron

Supalox D4003

Milled alumina 4N,
D50 0.45 micron

Supalox N5003

Milled alumina, 5N,
D50 0.45 micron

Supalox C4011

Milled alumina, 5N,
D50 0.38 micron

Supalox E4011

Milled alumina, 4N,
D50 1 micron

Supalox D4002

High Purity Aluminum Oxide, Al2O3