We create new products for a sustainable future

We believe mankind can reach a net zero emissions world where nature thrives, and this is why we proudly market products with the lowest carbon footprint in the sector. When our customers buy from us, they not only purchase a technologically advanced product, but also make a statement about caring for our environment and future generations. Our brands SupALOX™, SupACH™ and SupPUCK™ stand for science. We sincerely believe science and technology is the way to finding new solutions that avoid putting our environment at risk.

We produce in Canada, one of the world’s most stable economies, if not the most stable, and thus we can help our customers mitigate the geopolitical risk to their supply chains. We use only renewable sources for our energy demand, and hence we are not affected by the volatility and uncertainty dictated by hydrocarbon energy markets. Our production facilities in Cap-Chat are in Quebec, which is home to 59 hydroelectric power plants with a total installed capacity of 34,490 MW of green energy with zero emissions.

Our process for manufacturing ultra pure derivatives is most likely the most advanced in the sector in terms of cost, energy intensity and environmental performance.

We have tailored the process to rely solely of electricity for its energy needs such that, when powered renewably, it can achieve close to zero Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions.
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