The cleanest process in the industry for aluminium derivative products

Developed by our chemists and engineers at our advanced laboratory and research facility near Montreal, our patented Chlorine Leach Crystallization Purification (CLCP) process offers a step change industry improvement in the manufacture of ultra pure aluminium derivatives in terms of cost, energy intensity, raw materials and environmental performance. We have tailored the process to rely solely on electricity for its energy needs such that it can achieve close to zero Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions when powered renewably.

A new process with high flexibility and reliability

Besides being extremely environmentally friendly, the CLCP process is reliable and has great flexibility in terms of the products that can be manufactured. Our engineers have designed our manufacturing plant so that we can tailor production of our 3 existing product lines (alumina powders, alumina pucks and aluminium chlorides) to match our customers needs, as well as add future new product lines as our business develops.

MADAMS process