Laval, Canada, 04 July 2023
Advanced Energy Minerals announces signing of a commercial agreement with Minchem Ltd for distribution of its products in United Kingdom and Ireland

Advanced Energy Minerals (AEM) is pleased to announce to have signed a commercial agreement with Minchem Ltd., for the distribution of its products in United Kingdom and Ireland. This partnership represents a significant milestone in AEM's ongoing efforts to expand its operations.

Minchem Ltd is a leading supplier of specialized inorganic and mineral-based products, with a global reach across a wide range of industries. The company offers products for use in abrasives, animal feed, catalysts (industrial and auto), ceramics (advanced, dental, fine & technical), chemical manufacture, coatings, electronics, healthcare, leather tanning, metal finishing, paper & board, nuclear, pharmaceuticals, refractories (cement, glass & steel), and related areas.

The partnership with Minchem will enable AEM to increase its presence in the North of Europe providing customers with high-quality products. This commercial agreement underscores AEM's unwavering dedication to expanding its global footprint and solidifying its position as a leading supplier of pure and ultra-pure alumina and aluminum derivatives.

About Advanced Energy Minerals Advanced Energy Minerals (AEM) is one of the few producers of ultra-high purity alumina worldwide. Its current product range comprises a family of alpha and gamma alumina powders, branded as SupALOX®, aluminium chloride hexahydrates, branded as SupACH®, and alpha alumina pucks, branded as SupPUCK®. Its products are manufactured using our novel, patented, low-carbon Chlorine Leach Crystallization Purification (CLCP) process at purities up to 99.999%.

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About Minchem

Minchem is a UK-based supplier (Aldershot,Hampshire), of industrial minerals, serving customers in a range of industries, including ceramics, glass, and refractories.

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