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Advanced Energy Minerals (AEM) is well on the way to achieving net carbon neutrality in its production of high-purity alumina (HPA) and aluminium derivatives. A recent independent report puts the carbon footprint of AEM’s HPA at below 0.8 kg CO2e per kg, less than 10% of the footprint of conventionally produced HPA.

  • Advanced Energy Minerals positioned as the industry’s lowest carbon producer of alumina 

  • Carbon footprint of AEM’s HPA is below 1 kg CO2e per kg

  • Independently verified zero Scope 1 emissions

Advanced Energy Minerals Inc. (AEM) has today reported an independently verified carbon footprint for its production of high-purity alumina (HPA) following the completion by  Optel  of an audit of its production operations and supply chain. Optel’s findings, classified according to Greenhouse Gas Protocol recommendations, confirm that AEM is way ahead of its competitors in leading its industry towards net carbon neutrality:


Scope 1 emissions – 0.00 kg CO2e /kg alumina produced

Scope 2 emissions – 0.06 kg CO2e /kg alumina produced

Scope 3 emissions – 0.70 kg CO2e /kg alumina produced


“AEM is determined to play a leading role in the metal oxide sector’s green transition, thereby contributing to climate solutions that help society reach a lower-emissions future”, said Mick Adams, chief executive officer at AEM. “We are developing a comprehensive roadmap to reduce our and our supply chain’s greenhouse gas emissions still further, collaborating closely with our upstream and downstream partners.” 


About Advanced Energy Minerals 

Advanced Energy Minerals (AEM) is one of the few producers of sustainable ultra-high purity alumina worldwide.  Its current product range comprises a family of alpha and gamma alumina powders, branded as SupALOX®, aluminium chloride hexahydrates, branded as SupACH®, and alpha alumina pucks, branded as SupPUCK®. Its products are manufactured using our novel, patented, low-carbon Chlorine Leach Crystallization Purification (CLCP) process at purities up to 99.999%. 

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